Support Our Cemeteries

Your faith and good works live on when you include Catholic Cemeteries in your estate plan or charitable giving. Over the years, you have supported your church, your faith family, in so many ways. To carry on this tradition, please consider a monetary or grave donation to the Catholic Cemeteries.

Your continued support and business will contribute to the beautification and longevity of the Catholic Cemeteries. Once all the gravesites have been sold, the grass will still need to be cut, the roads will need to be maintained and work will still need to take place to maintain the beauty of your final resting place. By purchasing your grave space, monument or marker and/or donating directly to us can help to increase our perpetual care endowment for the future care of the Catholic Cemeteries.

There are three ways to make a donation to the Catholic Cemeteries. The first is by simply making a cash donation through this website, the second is including us in a bequest from your will, and finally a donation of an unused grave space that you own. The grave donation will be utilized for families in need.