Monuments & Markers

Every grave sold by the Catholic Cemeteries allows for a specific type of memorial for aesthetic, operational and maintenance reasons. When a family purchases a grave or lot, the only type of memorial that can be erected is the one reflected in the burial rights agreement.

Our non-commissioned family service counselors can custom design a meaningful, lasting monument or grave marker based upon your wishes and the specifications of your grave or lot utilizing a variety of different mediums such as granite, marble, sculpture, bronze and stained glass. We will assist you through the entire process from the design phase to the installation of your memorial.

Based upon the grave or lot restrictions, you can place one of potentially four different types of headstones. These include a Monument, Slant Marker, Bevel Marker or Level Marker.

Veteran markers and bronze medallions issued by the government are permitted in the Catholic Cemeteries. Our family service counselors can assist you in the application process and choosing the type of veteran marker permitted. While there is no charge for the marker, there is a cemetery fee for the concrete foundation and setting of the marker. The military separation or discharge papers (DD-214) will be needed to apply for these veteran’s benefits.

Our memorial department can also assist you with inscriptions, artwork, permanent vases, professional cleaning, repair, and maintenance work to an existing monument or marker.

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Visit our memorial gallery to view examples of our work.