Cremation Graves

The practice of cremating the body has been allowed for Catholics since 1963, when the Holy See lifted the ban on cremation. The cremated remains of the person should be treated with the same amount of respect that is given to be human body from which they came. The scattering of ashes is never permitted.

Catholic Cemeteries has graves in different sections of our cemeteries specifically sized to accommodate cremated remains. When a cremation grave is sold, ownership of the land remains with the Catholic Cemeteries. The purchaser, through the Burial Rights Agreement, is only given an exclusive and permanent right of use of the grave for the burial of cremated human remains.

The type of memorial allowed on a cremation grave determines the decoration and planting rules that apply to that specific grave. Regardless of the type of memorial privilege allowed, the actual monument or marker is not included in the purchase price of the grave space. Below are the different categories of cremation graves available.