Burial Services

The interment of a deceased person requires many ongoing checks and balances to insure that no mistakes occur during this important procedure. These checks and balances are performed by both our Administrative Staff and our Field Staff, before, during and after an interment is made. The actual opening and closing of a grave is only a small part of this fee. The fee also provides for many immediate and future services that are requested and expected by our lot owners. The final services at the time of burial that are conducted at the graveside or in one of the cemetery chapels are also included in this fee.

The Catholic Cemeteries require that all grave interments shall be made with concrete outside liner or burial vault constructed in accordance with specifications determined by the management, as a protection against future grave settling. All burial outer containers for cremation interments and interments requiring an outside receptacle of less than forty inches must be approved by the management (polystyrene and fiberglass outer containers for the burial of cremated remains and infants, with outer containers not exceeding forty inches, are accepted). Variations of the aforementioned must be deemed appropriate and approved by the management. Outer containers can be purchased at the cemetery’s office.

Families have the option of services at the grave or services at one of the interment chapels. The two chapels at Calvary Cemetery provide for the final religious services in an interior setting free from unfavorable weather conditions.

Families will fill out the “Interment Request Form” provided by the Management of the Catholic Cemeteries to request the opening of a grave, crypt or niche.

Funeral services at the cemetery consist of the Rite of Committal. This rite takes place as soon as possible after the funeral Mass and includes a short Scriptural verse, the prayer of committal, intercessions, Lord’s Prayer, and a blessing, and may be concluded with a song affirming hope in the resurrection. This rite takes about ten minutes and ca be performed at the grave side or in one of the cemetery chapels.